Marking messages as read

Zulip automatically keeps track of which messages you have and haven't read. Unread messages have a dark line along their left side, which fade as the message gets marked as read.

There are two situations in which messages automatically get marked as read.

  • End of feed: When you get to the bottom of a view, Zulip marks all messages in that view as read.

  • Blue box: Messages are marked as read when the blue box passes over them.

You can move the blue box either with the keyboard (arrow keys, End, etc.) or by scrolling the feed with your mouse.

You can also manually mark all messages as read, or mark all messages in a stream or topic as read.

  1. Hover over a stream, topic, or All messages in the left sidebar.

  2. Click the ellipsis () to the right.

  3. Click Mark all messages as read.